January 21, 2024

It's Not My Fault

Pastor: Jeff Bedwell Series: Living Aligned with God's Design Scripture: Daniel 1:1– 6:28

Living Aligned With God’s Design 

It’s Not My Fault 

Daniel 1-6

It may not be my fault, but it is my Responsibility!

God has created you Response-able

Responding To the Reality of Imperfection:

  • My Sin – Repent
  • Sin Against Me – Forgive
  • Broken World - Adapt

Learning From Daniel about Accepting Responsibility

Setting The Stage:

Principles To Apply:

  1. Connect with others who are taking responsibility in their lives (1:6)
  2. Determine to obey God even when it would be easier to compromise (1:8)
  3. Face adversity with Prayer and Praise (2:17-23)
  4. Recognize and rely on the Sovereignty of God (3:16-18)
  5. Speak the truth in love (4:19)
  6. Work with an excellence that honors God (6:3)
  7. Develop and maintain a great attitude (6:3)
  8. Walk with absolute integrity (6:4-5)
  9. Stay close to God regardless of what changes around you (6:10)
  10. Trust God whether you are in the pit or the palace (6:23)

Jesus Is The Ultimate Example!

Making It Personal

  • Have I genuinely experienced the forgiveness of sin and the new life only found in Jesus Christ through repenting of my sin and placing my faith in Christ alone as the forgiver of my sin and the leader and Lord of my life?
  • What am I facing right now that may not be my fault, but it is my responsibility?
  • What is God directing me to do as I exercise my responsibility in the face of the reality of imperfection?
  • Who can I share these truths with?

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