December 17, 2023

Don't Miss Christmas

Pastor: Jeff Bedwell Series: A Thrill of Hope: Christmas Topic: Christmas Scripture: Luke 2:8–20

A Thrill of Hope 
Don’t Miss Christmas 
Luke 2:8-20

It is possible to overlook and miss out on the significant in our busy pursuit of that which seems important.

Some Observations From The Shepherd’s Story:

  1. Opportunity comes to those who are Fulfilling their responsibilities (8) 

Be where God wants you to be.

When God wants to use you, He knows how to find you.

  1. Find out what God is doing in your Neighborhood (9-10)

Opportunities are often missed because we wait for the big moments and pass up the small ones.

  1. Opportunities are often Fearful in the beginning (9-10)

Stepping out into the new and the unknown always involves Risk !

How many times do we allow fear to keep us from seizing the God-given moment or opportunity He is placing before us?

  1. We can Trust God to make His guidance clear (11-14)

What God desires, He inspires!

Where God guides, He provides!

Those who obey will find the right way!

  1. Once we know, we Better Go (15)

Obedience is our moment of truth.

We cannot stay where we are and go with God at the same time.

  1. Once we go, then We Will Know (16)
  1. Once we know, we will Want To Tell Others (17)

An evidence that a person has a genuine faith is that they cannot keep it to themselves.  They must share it with others.

  1. When we obey, Others are Impacted (18-19)

What we say and do not only affects our relationship with God, but it also affects those around us.

  1. Once we meet Jesus, we will never Be The Same Again (20)

After we meet Jesus…

  • We may go back to our place in life.
  • We will go back transformed because we know the one who is the way, the truth, and the life.

Making It Personal

  • Have I genuinely received the greatest gift of all, the gift of eternal and abundant life only found in Jesus Christ through repenting of my sin and placing my faith in Christ alone as the forgiver of my sin and the leader and Lord of my life?
  • As a follower of Jesus Christ, what can I learn from the shepherd’s story? What is one thing I can do to apply this truth in my life?
  • Who can I share these truths with?

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