August 30, 2020

Read the Sign Carefully

Pastor: Jeff Bedwell Series: That You May Believe Topic: Belief, Believe Scripture: John 2:1–11

Series: That You May Believe
Message: Read The Sign Carefully
Scripture: John 2:1-11

The signs recorded for us in John’s gospel display God’s glory and demonstrate His power to work in our lives today

The Setting (1)

The weddings of this culture would have been very different from most of the weddings we are familiar with in our culture

Jesus wants to be Involved in all aspects of your life!

The Problem (2-5)

  • Mary Requests (2)
  • Jesus Instructs (3-4)

Jesus was saying that her expectation of what the Messiah would be and his fulfillment would be two different things

  • Mary Submits (5)

She knew that she could trust Jesus to do what is right!

The Provision (6-11)

Six Jars (6):

  • What they held – Lots of Water - When God provides, he provides lavishly
  • What they were used for – Ceremonial Washing - Jesus was replacing external religious ceremony with real internal transformation!
  • What they were made of – Common Materials - Jesus uses the ordinary as conduits of the extraordinary that He desires to do in and through us!

Servant’s Involvement (7-9):

God often involves us in doing something ordinary as a part of His doing something Extraordinary!

What God calls you to do – do it to the max; fill it to the brim!

God is powerful, but He is not Showy

A Quick Word About The Wine:

  • A different Drink
  • A different Culture

An Observation (10):

Joy and fulfillment sought apart from God over time Diminishes and then disappears.  God given joy and fulfillment get better and better over time!

A Summation (11):

  • It was a miracle of Creation
  • It was a miracle of Transformation

Four Different Responses To This Miracle:

  1. Mary Invited the miracle (Intercession)
  2. The servants Participated in the miracle (Obedience)
  3. The steward and the guests Enjoyed the miracle (Oblivious)
  4. The disciples Believed in the miracle worker (Faith)

Sometimes we miss the joy in life because we are looking for it in all of the wrong places!

Making It Personal:

  • What are you looking for in your life to fill you with joy?
  • What problem or challenge are you bringing to Jesus in prayer right now?
  • What step of obedience is God calling you to take right now?
  • Where in your life do you need to trust Jesus enough to do what He tells you to do and leave the results up to Him?
  • Who can you share these truths with?