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Following Jesus

August 23, 2020 Speaker: Jeff Bedwell Series: That You May Believe

Topic: Belief, Believe Passage: John 1:35–1:51

Series: That You May Believe
Message: Following Jesus
Scripture: John 1:35-51

Jesus original disciples were an unlikely bunch to turn the world upside down

Lessons From Some Of Jesus First Followers

  1. Andrew And John (35-39)

Their Personality: People-Centered – Sanguine – Inspiring/Interactive

The Evangelistic Method: Preacher’s Message

The Barrier: Tradition

  • They had to leave their mentor to find their Master

Jesus’ Call: He starts a Relationship

  1. Peter (40-42)

His Personality: Purpose-Centered – Choleric – Dominant/Direct

The Evangelistic Method: Personal Evangelism

  • Andrew did not let the size of Peter’s shadow cast a shadow over his Heart

Andrew was always bringing people to Jesus:

  • His brother Simon Peter
  • A boy with loaves and fish (6:8)
  • Greeks who wanted to see Jesus (12:20)

The Barrier: Pride

Jesus’ Call:  He gives a Challenge

  • Jesus sees us not just for who we are, but for who we can Become
  1. Philip (43)

His Personality: Peace-Centered – Phlegmatic – Supportive/Steady

The Evangelistic Method: Contact Evangelism

The Barrier: No one he knew was able to Point Him to Jesus

Jesus’ Call:  He came and Found Philip

  • Be open to take part in God’s Divine Appointments
  • Nice People need Jesus just as much as anyone else
  1. Nathanael (44-51)

His Personality: Internally-Centered – Melancholy – Cautious/Careful

The Evangelistic Method: Invitational Evangelism

The Barrier: Prejudice and Doubts

Jesus’ Call: I know your Heart

  • He knew his Background
  • He knew his Character
  • He knew his Thoughts

Note: Never underestimate the power of God’s Word

Faith Principle:  Express a little faith and you will Experience a greater faith (50-51)

Two Key Takeaways:

  1. Jesus knows us personally and calls us personally
  2. Jesus invites us, “Give your life to me and I will make you into what you have it in you to be.

Making It Personal:

  • How have you responded to Jesus’ call to “come and follow Him?”
  • What will it look like for you to accept and celebrate how God made you and fully follow Him to become all that He intends you to be?
  • Who are you praying for that they will come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ? How will you seek to reach out to them?
  • Who can you share these truths with?

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