December 6, 2015

Walking with the Wise Men

Pastor: Shannon Ford Scripture: Matthew 2:1–12

Walking with the Wise Men
Matthew 2:1-12

How would the story change if the Magi would have been women?

  1. They would have stopped and asked for directions.
  2. They would have arrived on time.
  3. They would have helped deliver the baby.
  4. They would have cleaned the house.
  5. They would have made enough casseroles to last for weeks.
  6. They would have brought baby gifts.

“He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.” (Proverbs 13:20)

1) Step of Diligence (2:1-2)

Two important characteristics of the Wise Men
• Observant
• Obedient

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13)

Do you recognize God’s work around you?

2) Step of Discovery (2:3-8)

The Wise Men were seeking answers to life’s important questions:
• Who is He?
• Where did He come from?
• What did He come to do?

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.” (Psalm 34:8)

Are you willing to put forth the effort to seek the Lord?

3) Step of Direction (2:9-10)

The Wise Men were directed from the darkness to light.
• Star
• Scripture

“Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path.” (Psalm 119:105)

Do you spend daily time in the study of Scriptures?

4) Step of Dedication (2:11)

The Wise Men offered their best to Jesus.
• Gold: A gift for a King  He will rule us!
• Frankincense: A gift for a Priest  He will represent us!
• Myrrh: A gift for a Savior  He will redeem us!

“I will not sacrifice to the Lord my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing.” (2 Samuel 24:24)

Do you pay such honor to Jesus by giving Him your most valued treasure – yourself?

5) Step of Delivery (2:12)

The Wise Men returned home a different way.
• Changed direction
• Changed life

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” (2 Corinthians 5:17)

In what ways has Jesus affected the direction of your life?

Life Lessons from the Wise Men

1) Life is a journey in search of truths that help shape our destination and destiny.
2) When you seek God with sincere determination, you will find Him.
3) If God can reach pagan astrologers, then He can reach anyone.
4) A true encounter with Jesus transforms all of life.

Key Attitudes the Wise Men Displayed

1) The wise men had an attitude of urgency.
2) The wise men had an attitude of joy.
3) The wise men had an attitude of worship.

Reflection Questions

1) What sense of urgency do you place on your relationship with Jesus?
2) How do others see the joy you have each day from knowing Jesus?
3) How are you engaged in sacrificial worship of Jesus?
4) What Christmas activities distract you from having a sense of urgency, joy, and worship?
5) How has your life changed direction since you met Christ?