Summer Serve

Serve in Kids' Ministry this summer

Summer Serve smSummers are filled with plans…trips to the lake, vacations, ball games, picnics, pool parties…and the list goes on. Everywhere you look, families are taking advantage of time away from school and the beautiful summer weather. 

Children’s Ministry volunteers at First Baptist Church are the some of best volunteers in the world, and they have been giving their best to kids for 9 months. We love them and want to give them a chance to rest (take some Sunday's off) over the summer. 

While our core team is resting during the summer, we still must to be able to teach the children that show up each weekend. For us to be able to continue teaching children about Jesus, we need people to help by serving on the children’s team during the summer. We call it Summer Serve. You sign up and show up and make a huge difference with simple service for a serious cause. We’ll teach with you in a fun way this summer. 

A Summer Serve leader:

  • Studies a lesson provided in advance
  • Shows up 15 minutes before the service.
  • Greets children, sits with their group during a large group Bible and worship lesson, leads their group through some fun activities to make the lesson stick with the kids.
  • Summer Serve is a great experience and you can be a part of it! It’s all about loving kids through serving and making a difference in their lives.
  • We make Summer Serve EASY and FUN!

How? Anyone can do it during a weekend service June 4 – August 13. We’d like you to pick two Sundays over the summer. Serve on your own, serve with your family, or serve with your small group. Just sign up, sit back and wait for communication from the children’s ministry team. It’s that easy. And it’s so important. Sign up HERE!