May 19, 2024

Word and Deed

Pastor: Jeff Bedwell Series: Sent Scripture: Acts 3:1–26

The church was born to be a blessing!

The Apostles’ ministry was twofold: word and deed. They proclaimed with their words and amazed through their works.

  1. Amazement: Jesus The Healer (3:1-10)
  • A Problem
  • A Principle

     You can only give away what you have!

  • God’s Power

The man did not get what he expected or wanted, but what he really needed.


  • Amid the masses, they noticed the Individual.
  • They met the man in the Street not in the building.
  1. Proclamation: Jesus The Suffering Servant (11-26)
  • Jesus the Servant (13,26)
  • Jesus Glorified by God (13-14)
  • Jesus the Author of Life (15)
  • Jesus the Resurrected Lord (15, 26)
  • Jesus the Healer (12, 16)
  • Jesus the final Prophet (17-26)
  1. Indictment: The Guilt of The People (13-17)
  • The Rejection of Christ
  • The Responsibility of the people
  1. Appeal: The Call To Turn (19-21, 26)

Repentance is not:

  • Regret
  • Remorse
  • Doing Penance

Aspects of Repentance:

  • Negative: Turning from Sin
  • Positive: Turning to Christ

Results of genuine repentance:

  • Forgiveness
  • Refreshment
  • Restoration
  1. Response: Two Contrasting Responses (4:1-4)
  • Rejection
  • Reception

We are not responsible for the responses; we are responsible for the witness!

We are sent into the world with the greatest news of all, the gospel of Jesus Christ!

We are to proclaim with our words and our actions.

Making It Personal:

  • Are you genuinely a member of the family of God? Have you personally turned from your sin, trusted in Christ’s provision through the cross and surrendered your life to His rule and reign?
  • Ask God to help you to notice the individuals around you. How can you live out and communicate the love and truth of Jesus Christ to them?
  • How is your balance between “Word and Deed”? What adjustments do you need to make in order to communicate the greatest news of all to those around you?  What will be your next step in that direction?
  • Who can you share these truths with?

Ready to take your Next Step?

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  • Go to FBCFM.COM and click “Next Steps”

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