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Handling Opposition to the Will of God

June 21, 2015 Speaker: Jeff Bedwell Series: Get-R-Done: Walking with God; Accomplishing His Will

Passage: Nehemiah 4:1–4:23

Handling Opposition to the Will of God
Nehemiah 4:1-23

Being in the center of God’s will is no guarantee that opposition and criticism will not occur. The opposite is quite often true.

One of the key tests of our character and our leadership is how we Respond to opposition and criticism.

The Objectives of Opposition (8, 11)

  • To stir up Trouble
  • To stop the Work

The Tactics of Opposition

1. Ridicule (1-3)

  • Ridicule is a substitute for Reason
  • Laughter is a substitute for Logic

2. Organized Resistance (7-8)

“Birds of a feather flock together”

3. Rumors intended to intimidate (11-12)

Two Characteristics of Rumors:

  • They are spread by those closest to the Enemy
  • They are Exaggerated the more they are repeated

The Effect of Opposition (10)

  • The effect: Discouragement
  • The timing: Halfway through

Four Cause of Discouragement:

  • Fatigue
  • Frustration
  • Failure
  • Fear

The Right Response to Opposition

1. Rely on God (4-5)

When ridiculed, don’t Take it out on people, Talk it out with God. Don’t suppress it, confess it.

Pray and keep working!

2. Respect the opposition (9)

Petition without precaution is presumption!

3. Reinforce your weak points (13)

Do you know where your weak points are? Do you know where you are vulnerable?

4. Reassure the people

Two Ways to Reassure:

  • Remember the Lord (14)

The more I fear God, the less I will fear other people.

  • Rally the people (19-20)

Never fight alone! Keep the lines of communication open!

5. Refuse to quit (15-18; 21-22)

We must learn to Build and Battle at the same time.

Nehemiah modeled persistence (23)

Secret of success is to outlast your critics!

What does Satan want you to give up on?

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