As iron sharpens iron, we challenge one another to become fully devoted men of God,
motivated by a love for Him and a love for others

What makes a Proverbs 27:17 Ironman?

  • An Ironman is an unashamed John 3:16 Christian
  • He is a model of 1 Timothy 4:15,16 progression
  • Stretching beyond his own grasp
  • Intentionally and actively growing in the Lord
  • Not a model of perfection, but progression
  • He is a Hebrews 10:19-25 man
  • He is the Ephesians 5 head of his family

→ Only God can make an Ironman!

⇒ For more information concerning the FBC Men's Ministry, please contact Shannon Ford. 

Life on Life Missional Discipleship (LOLMD) - The Journey

Life-on-life Missional Discipleship using a curriculum, The Journey, is a process that takes place within a small group of men that provides an intentional plan for real and meaningful life change with the goal of molding individuals into the likeness of Christ.

The Journey is a three-year curriculum, spanning roughly seven months each year from fall to spring. While the process is over a three-year span, an individual’s commitment is for one year at a time. 

Members sign a covenant with certain stipulations and are expected to uphold the terms of the covenant. While members are required to do each week’s assignment in the workbook, The Journey is not curriculum driven, deriving its value from group interaction.

Those interested can contact Ken Terry to submit their name for the initial interview.