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Adult Bible Fellowship

Click HERE for a list of 2021 ABF classes.

Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) stands for three things:

  • It's for ADULTS
  • The main curriculum is the BIBLE
  • It encourages FELLOWSHIP

Our Purpose
Adult Bible Fellowship provides an enjoyable environment for people who are searching for more in their life through the study of God's Word. ABFs are the most effective places where people connect. They are personal, relational, and fun. They are places to make friends, establish lifelong relationships, and grow together spiritually. 

Why Belong to an ABF Group?
ABF is an intimate, personal setting to study the Bible, share concerns, and support one another in difficult times. By belonging to an ABF group...

  • You will understand the Bible better.
  • You will begin to feel like part of God's family.
  • Prayer will become more meaningful to you as you pray for others.
  • You will have a group to support you in times of need.

Our ABFs Encourage Four Things:

  • Growing - We must transform our thought, actions, and purpose through our relationship with God as taught from the Word of God.
  • Connecting - We must develop real relationships with one another to connect the disconnected.
  • Serving - We must act out those relationships with care, support, and love.
  • Sharing - We must strengthen our relationships by involving ourselves with the lost and unchurched in our community.

Adult Bible Fellowship Results
Our ABF classes must always be viewed as a spiritual process for our people and not just a place to attend. The goals of an effective ABF class are:

  • To see people converted to Christ (becoming a follower of Jesus Christ).
  • To bring people to a commitment to Christ (becoming a devoted follower of Jesus Christ).
  • To bring people to making a contribution to Christ (becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ).

Adult Bible Fellowship Process
Bible Fellowship focuses on life-changing opportunities to be engaged in the Great Commission. This process focuses on three dimensions - invite, discover, and connect.
ABF members view their classes as more than a group of friends enjoying Bible study and fellowship. They see their class as a Great Commission team.

Adult Bible Fellowship Handbook and Resources